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At Hewes Fastener, we're much more than just a stocking distributor. We offer value-added services that you won't find from other distributors. Our customers have experienced ever-increasing demands to be more efficient and productive, while reducing resources and expenses. How do they do it? They outsource to Hewes for vendor-managed inventory (VMI), or when the project calls to bring in reliable help, Hewes is there for services such as assembly. Our services include:

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Many companies are under pressure to lower inventory, without affecting productivity. As a solution to this challenge many of our customers have established a partnership with us to manage their inventory and supply their products on-demand through our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Supply service.
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Kitting is a service we provide in which individually separate, but related items for a part or assembly, are grouped, packaged, and supplied to our customers as one unit. Kitting eliminates the inherent inaccuracies of maintaining on-hand inventories for high-volume assemblies. Improperly maintaining these inventories can lead to downtime and missed deadlines.
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If you need to outsource assembly, or ever wondered if it would be a good alternative to your current process, let Hewes Fastener collaborate with you on assembly consulting and outsourcing needs. With our 20 years in hundreds of manufacturing environments, we've seen it all. What works, and what doesn't.
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Mill Run Importing

Let Hewes Fastener be your source for large volume purchases of imports. We have ongoing relationships with many overseas manufacturers. These manufacturers work well with us to provide on time deliveries for all your overseas products. We will work hard to give you the cost savings you are looking for.
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