Good maintenance goes a long way in keeping your CNC machinery operating as it should. H&C Tool Supply offers products and services that will help you extend the life of your machinery so that you can avoid the downtime and costs that come with repairs.

Fluid charging and recycling

H&C Tool Supply offers end-to-end fluids management services, including fluid charging, cleaning and coolant recycling. Our effective fluids management service and filtration systems can help your business reduce costs, decrease downtime, and increase productivity.

With better CNC tooling maintenance, your manufacturing facility stays operational. As a result, your company also avoids downtime for repairs, and your team stays productive.

Proper machinery maintenance can also save you money. With today's environmental mandates, the cost of waste fluid recycling may exceed the cost of your coolant. Let our team of experts find a cost-effective approach to keeping your machinery operating as it should.

Filtration systems

Filters prevent fine particles, metal pieces, and other debris from contaminating coolants, oils, and other fluids in the equipment. The right coolant filtration system can prevent this buildup from occurring and improve the overall performance of your CNC machinery.

We sell advanced filtering systems that purify your coolants, which in turn extends fluid life. That extended fluid life means that machines spend more time operating and less time down for maintenance.


Cleaners and absorbents

Another way to extend the life of your CNC machinery: keep it clean! We carry a variety of cleaners to help you do just that as well as other cleaners and absorbents for your facility.


Keep your CNC tooling running smoothly

Ready for a better maintenance regimen for your machinery? Our team has decades of CNC tool expertise. Contact us today to get started.