Machinists and Engineers are clever people.  We know that. We know everybody in our industry is always looking for helpful tools to make their job more efficient.  We know that if we use these helpful tools in our daily life, chances are they may come in pretty handy to our customers as well.

So, have a look and if you have a helpful tool that you would like to suggest we add to our site, please go to our Promotions and Requests page and select the CUSTOMER FEEDBACK FORM.


Engineers and programmers rejoice!

Be more productive and deliver better results.

The latest tool for your "toolbox":

NOVO™ provides the digital power to get information quicker than ever before. The result is the benefit of knowing that you have the right tool to do the job.

 The exciting benefits:

  • Faster, more accurate job quoting
  • Data-rich machining strategies to minimize guesswork
  • Connects process planning to production
  • Simplifies selection, application and acquisition of cutting tools