H&C Tool Supply has more than 60 years of tool expertise. We are also a trusted business partner and offer solutions to help our manufacturing clients enhance their business operations.

Need to speed up turnaround time on product orders? We can help you streamline your ordering process by creating a custom website for online orders.

Better for your business

Struggling to keep up with orders? Let H&C Tool Supply create a website customized to your business needs. Our team can build the easy-to-access application and populate it with your company part numbers and frequently ordered items.

How can online ordering benefit you and your employees? With all the information in one place, a web ordering portal helps your staff reduce needless paperwork. In turn, they save time and can focus on delivering outstanding customer service.

Convenience for your customers

Today, businesses need to have a website to stay competitive. Giving customers a secure and convenient way to order products can set a company apart from the rest.

With a simple-to-use e-commerce platform, you give customers the ability to order products anytime, anywhere. They can order the items they need when they need them, without having to send in paperwork or take time out of the day to make a phone call. Your tool supply and products are ready to order with the click of a button.

Improvements for inventory

A customized website can give you more insight into your products. By integrating your inventory into the platform, your employees and your customers know exactly what you have in stock at all times. No surprises for customers who depend on your product line!

Need more assistance with your inventory management?
Check out our vendor-managed inventory program and tool vending solutions.