Ask Us About Our ToolBoss Vending Solutions.

ToolBoss machines have many advantages for your current tool management needs. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts can access tools and retool machines without a Tool Crib manager, eliminating down time.  You can control inventory through accountability and traceability, while allowing more than one person access to the necessary tools for operations. Administrators can keep track of inventory knowing when tools have been taken, and by whom. Inventory can be efficiently replenished from reports generated by the machine. Saving time, increasing productivity and giving you complete inventory control while saving you money.

  • Nearly unlimited array of drawer sizes, cupboards, and lockers for tools and inventory
  • 24-hour inventory control and streamlined tooling and supply purchases
  • Software enables complete tracking of tool usage, users, and inventory
  • A foundation for seamless migration into company-wide tool management system