We are proud to be a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP). That means every day, in every department, our customers are connecting with a company owner that truly cares about the success of their business, and our customers see that dedicated difference.  The people of H&C Tool Supply have depth of experience and product and application knowledge to find the best solution, source the right tools and supplies, and deliver outstanding results for our customers.

By becoming an ESOP company, new collaboration and ideas have presented themselves. We look forward to the new opportunities this will lead us to and the new customers we will find and partner with.  Together we will provide the optimal mix of products, processes, services and experiences that help drive down our customers' costs and increase profitability.

Our goal at H&C Tool Supply is to be an invaluable partner to our customers. To that end, we work to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers that are mutually beneficial. We strive to improve our knowledge, empower our team members, provide innovative solutions, diverse products and offer the best service.


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Equal Opportunity Employment



Remembering our founder Bill Cowgill


What Our Clients Say...

"H&C Tool does all the leg work for me. If I call with a problem they find us a solution or bring someone in that can help us." ~ Scott

"H&C Tool Supply carries the wide variety of tooling and MRO items we need to support our manufacturing operation. The sales staff is knowledgeable and consistently provides us with benchmark service. They are an additional resource that helps us maintain our competitive edge, and that is why H&C is our vendor of choice." ~ Buyer in Rochester

"Great people to work with, friendly customer service and always go that extra mile for their customer!!" ~ Janice

Dear Mr. Waltzer,

I want to tell you a quick story of what your company did for me yesterday. I am the Manager at Cole Muffler/Mavis Discount Tire on West Ridge Rd in Greece. 2 days ago we had a young girl from out of town have her vehicle towed in yesterday with a wheel that fell off of her truck. There was slight damage to the front end of her truck from the incident that needed repair. She needed her vehicle because she had a job interview that she had to get to and the only thing standing in the way of her getting to that interview was we needed 6 specialized bolts to put her truck back together. I tried the dealerships with no luck, several big box stores and a few local distributers that were "wholesale only" that really didn't want to talk to me. One of those distributers recommended I try Hewes. After a short search I found your company. I was a bit disappointed when I walked in your front door yesterday and saw a sign "no retail sales". The woman behind the counter asked nicely if she could help me and I replied, "the sign answers my question". She asked specifically what I needed and I showed her a bolt to which she replied, let me see if we can help you. A short time later a gentleman came up and took the bolt and said that he would see what he could do. 5 Minutes later while I was reading your company article on the wall, he returned with 6 new bolts and said have a nice day. He wouldn't take any money as I thanked him. I realized that it was only a few dollars worth of bolts but he went above and beyond helping me and our customer that was in a bind. I soon returned to my shop and we finished the job on her truck. I went and picked her up and told her good luck on her interview. She called me later in the afternoon and stated that she indeed got that job she wanted. I realize that we are in a world that it is easy to complain but very rarely do employees get compliments. Well Mr. Waltzer, kudos to your staff. Your company is the kind of company that seems to really care about what they do. In closing, thank you again for your help.